ALLSTAR – fencing equipment

Šerm Ostrava is official partnerand distributor ALLSTAR for Czech republic (viz. List of distributors Allstar). Orders summarize via your fencing club always, please. Unfortunately, we can not realize small orders. To prevent changes, please test your gear and fencing wear size in your club.

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Prices Allstar
Size charts

Only the most common items are listed in our pricelist. Of course, all production of Allstar can be ordered, you can find it here Orders shall sent via email to (, do not forget to list item code and pieces ordered count, please. For some items you must list also size or fencing hand (left/right). Add phone number to fix occational details and your delivery address always, please.

Order example:

FL, foil wire, 10pc
FSPH-X, foil point base high grade steel, 5pc
EF11P-0, Electric foil complete with allstar Mini blade, with pistol grip PGV-0i, RH (right hand), 1pc
1707H, fencing jacket FIE Athen, men 800N, elastic inlets, size 48 RH, 1pc